We help generous people increase their margin so they have more time and more money to pursue what's most important to them. 

Greenway Wealth integrates the science of modern investing and smart financial planning to provide our clients the best chance of success.

Meet the team

  • Nick Foy, CFP®


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  • Allie Crouch

    Dir of Client experience

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  • Jeff Emminger, CFP®

    Dir of financial plannig

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  • Natalie Foy, CFA, CFP®

    Senior Advisor, CFO

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  • Jen Hill, CFP®

    Associate Advisor

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Gone are the days of product sales defining your relationship with a financial advisor. Instead, partner with someone who values what you value: 



Customized advice tailored to suit the needs of you and your family.

Money is a tool. Wield it for maximum impact.

Tech-Savvy Financial Planning. 

time-tested concepts.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients complete clarity about their finances, helping them implement great ideas that have been around for generations.

Greenway Wealth clients have access to their complete financial picture 24x7 on any device.

We meet with clients in-person or remotely, from anywhere in the world. Because distance shouldn't be a barrier to making better financial decisions.

Affiliations that actually mean something.

There are a lot of designations available to the average financial advisor. 

Some matter, and others are just an excuse to add another comma to a LinkedIn profile. We partner with the experts that you actually need, and help to prevent you from being sold something by someone you don't.

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  • Step 1: Schedule a Free Discovery Meeting

    Our first step is to better understand how we can help you. We'll spend our introductory meeting getting to know you and learning how we can best add value to your financial life. Afterwards, we'll provide an initial list of recommendations that we think can enhance your financial situation. The Discovery Meeting is free, and typically lasts 90 minutes. We can meet either in-person in our Charlotte office, or virtually. 

  • Step 2: Schedule a goal planning meeting

    Next, we'll schedule a Goal Planning Meeting. We'll use the time to present an investment plan that we think gives you the best chance of meeting your short-and-long-term financial goals, whatever those may be. This meeting typically lasts 60 minutes.

  • Step 3: Schedule a Mutual Commitment Meeting

    Finally, after we've taken time determining whether it makes sense to work together, we'll schedule a mutual commitment meeting. We want you to feel completely comfortable working with us; we hope to serve our clients for many decades.

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  • what it costs

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